Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week One down.....

Camden started 2nd grade on Wednesday the 18th, but this last week was her first full week in school. One thing that I love about Camden's small private school is that the first day of school isn't that scary these days. It's like a mini reunion. It's great. She loves her new teacher, Mrs. Rowe. I'm pretty sure she stole her heart when they had a test and it was on Amelia Bedelia. Camden thought that was just AWESOME and thought it was even neater when she found out that Mrs. Rowe read these books when she was in 2nd grade! GET OUT! Needless to say, Camden is loving 2nd grade. Camden's favorite subject is math and she LOVES to read.

Berkleigh does not start school (MDO) for another week and it is killing seriously, I am quoting's killing her! We have her Open house this Tuesday night and she is stoked!
Week Two..Here we come!