Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Berkleigh's Healing

What an amazing day we had yesterday in Houston. Not because of the smog, traffic, cold or insane prices of parking, but because Berkleigh's healing was confirmed.

Let's backtrack. At 11 weeks old Berkleigh was hospitalized for 1 week for high fevers. She was diagnosed with Grade 3 Renal Reflux. This is when the urine in her bladder heads back up into her kidneys carrying bacteria which in turns gives her kidney infections. She has been on an antibiotic daily since she was 11 weeks to keep her bacterial count low to avoid these infections. If she were to get an infection she would be admitted again for IV antibiotics. With having the diagnoses of Grade 3 reflux the statistics are that she has a 50% chance of growing out of this in a 6 year period!

Amazingly, Berkleigh has not had 1 infection since her hospital stay 16 months ago. Yesterday we went to Houston to get established with a new Urologist and have her routine testing done. She had a renal(kidney) Ultrasound in the morning followed by a VCUG. This is when they catheterize her and inject dye into her bladder and then shoot films to see how far the dye is refluxing back up into her kidneys.

Okay...let me back up one more time. On November 23,2008, we were in Sunday service and our Pastor stood up after Praise and Worship and felt led to pray for healing for those in the church. We sit up in the nose bleed section and could see the many people in line for prayer. When the line was getting shorter, I felt led to go get Berkleigh from Nursery and take her up. He laid his hands on her and asked what her specific need was. I told him she had a kidney disorder/problem. She sat so still and quiet as he laid his hands on her and prayed for her healing. This is the day I believe Berkleigh was healed. Daddy even wrote it in his Bible. I continued to give her her medications daily and even ended up at the Doctors the following week to have her checked and cathed. Still believing that she was healed.

So we finished the Ultrasound and VCUG. The only thing left was her Doctor's appointment in the afternoon. I took her previous films so he had some comparison and good thing I did. Because according to today's films. Berkleigh Faith has no signs of Renal reflux. A healthy pair of kidneys with no calcifications or signs of her previous infection! When Dr Roth came in he said "Well......She fixed herself. She has no reflux any more.""PRAISE GOD!" I thought for a moment to myself... fixed her self???? Who is this guy kidding. She can't even complete a full sentence and he thinks she fixed the anatomy of her kidneys! That is a GOD thing.

What an awesome day! Berkleigh no longer has to take medication daily and no more routine tests. God is so awesome and continues to amaze me. Thank you to all of you who have kept Berkleigh in your prayers. She truly is a miracle to us. Please let this be an encouragement to you and your family. God still heals! We just have to have the faith and believe! Thank you Jesus!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It snowed in Beaumont Texas! Is that crazy or what????? The girls and I were out in the snow by 6:45 am. It was our first time seeing snow, including me! There was 3-4 inches. It was amazing!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Is that a TERD in your hand??????

Okay...so we were getting ready this morning. Camden was busy getting into her uniform and I was running back and forth between getting my self ready (brush teeth, wash face, makeup, jeans, t-shirt and ball cap) and dressing Berkleigh Boo. Had to go get a tire changed today! (Waste of a morning)

SIDE NOTE~ (Spider webbing as my friend Michelle would say)

Now Camden Hope was completely potty trained by 21 months old and Berkleigh has been very aware of her diaper actions. She will just out of no where give you this big surprised smile and say,"MUM, MUM, Pee Pee!" or "poot, poot" She has recently asked to sit on the potty. This is where she sits with her proud posture and just babbles at you because she has your complete attention. Then she gets her 5 1/2 feet worth of TP to wipe and flushes the potty a mere 4 times. All for no Pee Pee or POOT!

This morning I got Berkleigh changed and out of her PJ's. Her clothes were to come next, but she was busy dancing to the Doodle Bops, so I snuck off to finish getting ready. When I came out she was hollering with such pride," Mum..Mum.... I Pee Pee"

OH MY! Berkleigh.....is that a terd in your hand!!???! I froze! (No little terd either)Instincts kicked in.. I grabbed it... flushed it... and LOTS of antibacterial soap for Momma and Berkleigh!

Yep, I guess I am going to have to work on the difference between Pee Pee and Poots!

I love my life!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


HAT!!! That is what we hear on a regular basis in the house now. Berkleigh is obsessed with hats. Now we still have to have a bow every morning when Sissy gets her hair done for school. Oh yes, we can't leave the house with out a bow to match our pajamas and bare feet!

Now that it is fall and the weather has been amazing, we are enjoying the outdoors. Whenever we are headed outside Berkleigh yells HAT! If it is time to take Chloe for a walk, HAT! While I am making dinner for no reason what so ever, HAT! You get the picture.

We were getting ready to pick up sissy and Berkleigh wanted a yogurt. Before I could even offer her to drink it on the patio,table or kitchen floor(yes. I'm one of those moms) She was sitting on the patio waiting for her yogurt. She was precious.She had her feet propped up on the railing, sitting on her stool, just looking out into our courtyard enjoying the view. I sat there watching her, wondering what was going through her little mind. Her little head with the HAT!~

Betsy Bear

One day last week when I picked Camden she had a bear in her back pack. There was a note attached to the bears school uniform. It read,

"Today Camden was very thoughtful and kind. A classmate needed a crayon and Camden let her borrow hers. Her friend didn't even have to ask her. Betsy Bear, our kind friend, is coming home to spend the night with Camden."

How Awesome! Camden was so very proud and we were too. She has such a sweet giving heart and I am glad she was recognized for that. Way to go Camden!

October 31st~

Yes October 31st was 3 weeks ago and I am just now posting some photos. Slacker mom .

Camden and Berkleigh were absolutely beautiful for Halloween. Camden Hope was Cinderella and Berkleigh Faith was Snow White. Camden had a party and "parade" at school in the afternoon. The girls were all dressed and hyped up on party cupcakes.

That evening we went to a local church for a fall festival. It was wonderful. Everyone was so pleasant, the games and stuff were indoors and there was even a hay ride.

My only disappointment for the evening was the pre festival photo shoot. Berkleigh, I mean Snow White, was in all of her glory and refused photos. Screaming, crying and at one point she chucked her crown on the ground. I just had to laugh and then take pictures of her. There WILL be pictures! Camden's photos were much easier, but probably not nearly as funny.

The girls were gorgeous and we had a great time. Camden told me that her favorite part of the evening was not the candy or the hay ride or all the fun games. Her favorite part was when we took 5 mins and drove to her teacher's house, Mrs. Baden, so she could "trick or treat" there. I love that she savors the little things in life:0)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day for History

Today is a day that will forever be remembered in the history of this Great Nation. Will this be the year we elect our first African American President or Our first Female Vice President? Lots of prayers...... We vote McCain!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Quote for the Day

“This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.”~Anonymous

We love you Camden Hope ad Berkleigh Faith!
~Daddy & Mommy~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

It was a beautiful fall evening tonight and we finally went and got our pumpkin. We love sharing this time as a family each year. We are making memories and loving every moment.

Camden had such fun picking out her pumpkin. She was looking for just the "perfect" one. After a good 25 mins Camden pointed to this bright orange pumpkin with warts all over it. I couldn't bring myself to purchase it and told Camden we needed a smooth one for carving. She smiles "okay" and moved right along looking for her pumpkin. As I watched her looking around I thought about her first pick for her "perfect" pumpkin. It made me thank God for her sweet spirit and how she didn't see that pumpkin as ugly or full of warts like I did.

Berkleigh had a wonderful time. Following Camden around the pumpkin patch. I am pretty sure she touched every pumpkin there. She would rub one, then pat another and sometimes try to pick them up. I guess it's kind of like picking out a good cantaloupe. You squeeze it, smell it, etc. Have to find just the right one.

Once the pumpkins were picked the girls took a seat. I mean..on their pumpkins. Camden's first year she sat on several pumpkins until she found hers.It was a riot! Now we take a photo every year with her sitting on her pumpkin. Berkleigh too!

“Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and notice what happens.”~Wayne Dyer (Even the pumpkins....)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hairbow Momma

Just thought I would share this clip I made for Camden! Would love to see some of your creations. Have a craft or DIY that is fun and easy! Tell me more!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Quote of the Day

Be to her virtues very kind,
Be to her faults a little blind.
-- Matthew Prior

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pep Rally~ GO VIKINGS!

Today was Camden's first Pep rally and it was Great! Her squad, Extra small stars, got to cheer with the "Big" Girls. They had a blast! I can't believe my five year old was dismissed early to get ready for pep rally. Don't we do this in high school?

It was wonderful. There was loud music, the older Cheerleaders dance and cheered, the volleyball team ran through a spirit poster, the teachers had a competition(3 legged race) and... more cheering.There was the school mascot...The Viking, dancing around the gym too. Berkleigh could have done fine without him. She was stuck to me like glue! So worried he was going to get too close. The 6th grade won the spirit stick for the loudest cheering. They deserve it! I was standing right in front of them and Goodness they screamed!

At the very end of all this spirit and cheering were the little girls. First the small stars cheered (2,3,4,5 grade) Then came my baby! Her team the Extra small stars cheered "2 Bits" She rocked! The entire gym jumped up to their feet after they cheered!How fun!She looks adorable in her uniform. I made her and her girl friends hair bows with their names. They think that they are too cool. Well.....I Do Too!

Berkleigh loves to cheer with sissy! She actually is pretty good! Momma made her an outfit too! She is a "Tiny Star". She loves to watch Camden at practice and Pep Rally. It's too funny when she mimics her! Yeah!!!!!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008


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Aunt Natasha come to Texas

Aunt Natasha came to visit 2 weeks ago and we all had a blast. We were so excited to see her and the week went by way too fast. We hung around the house, went to the pool, shopped, and did a whole lot of nothing together! It was great. Berkleigh remembered Natasha instantly. She calls her "Tata"! Camden loved having her Aunt Tash back for a while and was bummed she still had to go to school while she was here. We had a great time making bows and getting caught on some crafts.We made matching candy corn skirts for all the girls.Too Cute! While we were out looking around downtown we found a great little antique shop."The Tattered Suitcase" We fell in love with everything in there. It was to eclectic! We went to a HUGE mall in Houston. 3 stories high, ice skating rink in the middle, OH MY! All in all we had a great time and miss Aunt Natasha a lot. Hugs and Kisses!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our new page~

Camden hope and I stayed up past her bed time to change our blog. I love spending BIG girl time with her. She is my little me. She makes me smile. She thought it was so great to help Momma with her "blog". She said,"This is so cool momma. Now you have 3 blogs!" "I do?" "Yes. this one, facebook and my space" Whoa! How did she know that? They listen a lot more then we think at times. I think my internet diva will be selling on Ebay and having her own blog before she is 6yrs! Welcome to the 20th Century my love!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So Big....

Berkleigh you are getting too big. I caught you the other morning trying to get out the front door. You could barely reach the handle. I giggled as I watched you reach and reach on your tip toes. You walked away to watch television and returned moments later with the stool from the bathroom. Thank the Lord the door was locked! Where were you wanting to go? How big of you to think about getting the stool to help you! So Big.....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sissy's Stuff!


You absolutely love to play with your sisters toys when she is at school. When we get home from dropping her off you will eat breakfast and then for the next hour or so you play so quietly with her Barbie car, littlest play shop animals, or dress up clothes (especially tiaras) . You love to bring me a baby and your lovey to wrap her up in. I will watch you feed her your sippy cup and you make little sucking sounds! Too funny. When did you learn that? You love to dress up in your sister's clothing too!

You also are more interested in television. You love anything with music. Playhouse Mickey,Backyardigans, Wow Wow Wubsy and yes unfortunately.... Yo Gabba Gabba! You dance, clap and stomp your feet! It is a hoot. It is contagious though because I find myself dancing every morning with you and having a blast

If sissy only knew what we did while she was at school! ;0)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hurricane Fun!

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Hurricanes, Hurricanes GO AWAY!

Well, sorry for the delay in updates. The tropics have kept us busy! It all started with Hurricane Gustav. Beaumont was under mandatory evacuation and we headed to Dallas for 2 nights. All was fine and well when we returned home. I don't think it even rained here. Then along came Hurricane Ike! YIKES!And off we go again. Yes 2 mandatory evacuations in 2 weeks. Didn't we move from hurricane alley? Back to Dallas. We have a hotel there we like and they are getting to know us and Chloe there!

Not the vacation we had planned, but the girls were having a blast. We were in downtown Dallas which I would have to say is not the most kid friendliest area. No parks or playgrounds. So the girls improvised. They has a blast standing in front of the air conditioning and letting their hair blow around. We did go to the pool one day that was freezing, but Camden and Isaiah spent about 1 1/2 hours playing. Berkleigh and Daddy slept. Lots of walks outside with Chloe, rides on the luggage carts, running up and down stairs, riding the elevators, etc.

Once Ike roared through the Texas coast we found out our apartment was in good condition with no flooding, but that we could be weeks to greater than a month without electric. Dax wasn't going to work for at least 1 week so off to Florida we went. It was an insane drive from Dallas 20 hours. The girls were over it, though I must say they did quite well.

Back in Lehigh... it was a bitter sweet. Our home and comfort were back in Texas, but our friends and love ones were there. We had a blast. Catching up with friends and lots of play dates for Camden and Berkleigh. We stayed with the Bratcher family which were so hospitable! Thanks! We didn't make it around to nearly everyone, but decided we will visit again soon! Spring Break 09'

Our drive back home was not nearly as long and we arrived home Sunday afternoon. Our town suffered some damage, mostly tree loss. We were spared and Thank the Lord for that! Just trying to get back to our schedules. Camden goes back to school on Thursday. Poor thing has only been in class 11 days since her first day because of all the evacuations. Berkleigh is happy to be back home in her bed. She is cutting her lower eye teeth so sleeping is not 100%.

The Sutherland are happy to be home! We are officially calling hurricane season over! LOL!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Today was Camden's first day of Kindergarten. Camden hopped right out of bed this morning excited about her first day. Too excited to even eat breakfast. She was ready in no time. She has uniforms this year and she looked beautiful as ever. Mrs. Chastity arrived bright and early to watch sissy while mommy took Camden to school. We grabbed her back pack, lunch and and orange juice for the road. (She will have a snack at 9:30am each morning)

We arrived to a room full of new friends. Lots of excitement. Maybe a bit too much for Miss Camden. She was greeted by Mrs. Badan and she was shown her cubby. She found a seat next to a sweet little girl named Ella. Then... the tears began to flow. Yes, Camden and Mommy's. Then some hugs and love. I think we recovered quite well:0)

Mrs. Baden then called everyone over for circle time and explained what to expect for the day, rules and then reviewed the date, day of the week, etc. Camden was doing great!

8:30 am- Time for chapel. Off Mrs. Baden's class went, each holding their mat in hand to sit on in Chapel. They sang "Our God is an Awesome God", listened to the story of the lost lamb (told by a lamb), recited the Lord's prayer and ended on "Jesus loves me". What and awesome time to share with Camden on her first day.

On our way back to the room Camden asked"Are you leaving now?" I told her "Yes , once we got back to the room and comfortable" She smiled," Alrighty!" That was when I knew she was ready. I slipped out right after everyone returned to circle time in the room.

I left a part of me in Kindergarten today. It was so exciting watching her explore a new time in her life. But, my baby......So BIG....

Daddy, Berkleigh and I picked Camden up promptly at 3:15. A small girl in her class immediately came up to me and said," Me and her made friends today. We got to know each other. My name is Ella." Camden's smile said it all! She has a new friend and that's all she needed! Kindergarten is great!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

~Chuck E. Cheese~

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Summer time fun!

We have been quite busy lately. Well... with summer fun ya know! Between McDonald play lands, Chuck E Cheese, Elijah's birthday party, and swimming.

Camden went this am to meet her Kindergarten teacher. Her name is Mrs. Baden and she is wonderful. Camden is quite excited, but a little hesitant about meeting all new friends. She is going to do wonderful though. Chastity is going to watch Berkleigh for the first day of school so I can take my time dropping Camden off. She's very happy about this.

Berkleigh is just amazing! She is surprising me daily with everything. She is such a ham and loves the camera. When we come in from outside she immediately takes off her shoes and takes them to her room and puts them away. Who's child is this???? She loves walking Chloe and will throw a fit if she is not holding the leash. So funny.

Dax and I are doing wonderful. We have found a church here we like. Camden went in Children's church this last week by herself and did wonderful. I asked what she learned and she said" They learned about Moses yesterday (last week) but we did it again today because they must not have got it." HA!

Any who....we are all doing wonderful and miss everyone!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We have had a blast this summer. The girls have grown up so much. Camden is just beautiful. She is my little diva. She has a smile that just brightens a room, a laugh that is catching and a heart that is as sweet as can be. Berkleigh Boo is my baby, but growing soooo fast. She is a silly little thing and she thinks so too. She loves to climb, walk the doggy and anything Sissy is doing at the moment.

We have had many changes this summer. All for the good I believe. Eleanor Roosevelt once said...."People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." I guess you could say we are working on our character. The girls are changing daily, we have moved homes, churches, states, schools and jobs. The awesome thing is that we have the same friends, just some space between us. We will continue to enjoy our summer and everyday that God has blessed us with.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Berkleigh walking the dog

Berkleigh Faith loves to walk Chloe'. Everyday when daddy gets home she runs and gets Chloe's leash and tries to put it on Chloe'. Then she gets daddy's shoes and sits and waits for her shoes to be put on. Today she topped her outfit off with a hat and she is ready! Every single time we leave the house she wants to take Chloe with us. She wonders why she can't. Berkleigh will throw a royal fit if she is not the one holding the leash! It is so funny.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christmas in July

Today I was able to capture Berkleigh's adorable "CHEESE". Now when she sees the camera she almost immediately sits down, hands in her lap and says Cheese.

I have pulled out some of Camden's old clothes that Berkleigh will fit into soon. I washed them and they were sitting on the couch. Camden decided to dress Sissy in a Christmas dress. Over her pajamas she already has on. Camden, being Miss Fashion Bug, topped it all off with the matching hat. (Accessories, Accessories!)

** Her poor little nose is due to a fall on the way to the pool the other day. It looks a lot worse than it actually is. Little Miss Independent has to walk by herself you know. Wonder where she gets that from??**

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Settled in Texas

Well, where do I begin ? We now reside in Beaumont Texas after living in Lehigh/Fort Myers for the last 29 years. This is a nice city. Not too big, but every store that I could need is fairly close. We have lived here now for 16 days and are nicely settled. Which means...very few boxes in the house and I am starting to feel a little bored and lonely. We left Lehigh on such a fast traumatic note that I didn't really get to have the official "goodbyes" with our friends and family.In some ways I think that may have been the way the Lord wanted it, I'm not sure. Praise the Lord that Camden is doing wonderful with no residual effects from her skull fracture. Thanks to everyone who helped us in our time of crisis.

Camden (5yrs)is doing great and adjusting quite well. I think having Isaiah and Elijah has helped her immensely. We have her all set up for Kindergarten. She will start at "All Saints" on August 21st. We went last week to get her uniforms which got her excited. She is loving the swimming pool and is swimming pretty good by herself.

Berkleigh (15mos.)had a bit of an "adjustment attitude" I call it, but she is back into her normal routine. She is so funny. The problem is that she knows it. She is getting more vocal and is showing us daily that she understands far beyond what we think. Her newest thing is " CHEESE" when the camara is in sight. She is still a peanut. She weighed 19 1/2 lbs 3 weeks ago fully clothed.

Chloe made the move well. We are on the 2nd floor and she gets up and down quite well. you know old Chloe, she loves to eat, beg, sleep and poop. She's doing great.

Dax likes his job. He relays he has never been paid to sit around so much. The job he is on is having a slow start, but I say that is a blessing> He could be baptized with fire. I am home with the girls and love every minute of it. I will miss Camden when she starts school , but must enjoy the summer with her now!

I haven't really had much down time lately which I think has been good for me. I do miss everyone back home. I miss every one's baby girls, Target, Pedicures at VIP, Town Center, Scrap booking with the girls, After parties, peanut butter cup ice cream, and just time with everyone. You don't realize how much you love your friends and spending time with them until you just can't. Love you and see you all soon!