Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogging Sabbatical Is Over!!!!!

Well..we are officially back from summer break. Atleast that's my excuse. So much has gone on since the last post and I plan on updating on everything individually because I am drowning in pictures. Summer vacation in Florida, Trip to Disney, Family Pics, first day of 1st grade for Camden, Berkleigh started Mother's Day Out 3 days a week, and we are MOVING!

Just here in Beaumont, but a move is a move. Boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, newspaper wrapping, cleaning and PURGING! Oh I LOVE IT! Any who, updates to follow soon:0)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ (Well...sort of)

Written by Camden Hope Age:6

Friday, June 26, 2009

An artist and photographer in the works~

"The Sutherland Family"
Artist: Camden Hope Sutherland

"Dadda and Momma"
Photography by Berkleigh

Welcome back summer time...we've missed you!

Swim lessons,vacation bible school, pool parties, $1 movies, library time, water parks, flip flops, sunscreen, playing outside until after 8 pm, sunglasses,sand toys, sunhats, tank tops, popsicles,and rosy hot cheeks from playing outside. Just a few perks to summer time. Not to forget...ummm. NO SCHOOL! Woo hoo!
Berkleigh is so happy to have her sissy at home to play with all day Berkleigh posing with her first pair of flip flops~
Cat in The Hat day at MDO. Berkleigh had green eggs and ham of course! Father's day 2009~ Daddy and his girls! We have the best daddy ever!
Rosy cheeks from an afternoon in the sand box (Okay, some call it the beach volley ball area~not us!)
A day with our friends Anna and Abbi at Chuck E Cheese.

Curled up and ready for a family movie night~

We are enjoying our summer. Berkleigh started a Mother's day out 2 days a week from 9-1 and is having a blast! We went and let her pick out a back pack and lunch box. She loves them! Every morning she rolls her bag in while trying to carry her lunch too. "Berkleigh, do you want momma to help you?" "No tank too momma~"

We leave in 1 week to head "home" to Florida. We are all very excited. So many friends and family to catch up with. Camden talks about our trip everyday and I am so happy that she remembers all of her friends and is excited to visit with them too! Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation Pool Party

Corinne invited Camden and several other Kindergarten grads over for a kick off to summer party. It was a blast. The girls had a wonderful time swimming and chatting. Mrs. Amy, Corinne's mom, served up a super lunch and we all made our own ice cream cones for dessert. It's officially summer!

Last Day of Kindergarten

Friday was Camden's last day of Kindergarten. Each day of her last week had a theme. It was a 4 day week because of Memorial day.
Tuesday ~Hat day~ Camden wore her Minnie hat
Wednesday ~sunglasses~ Sparkling sea shell glasses
Thursday~Fav stuffed animal~ "Cameron" the horse
Friday~favorite shirt ~Hannah Montana, ofcourse!

Friday before noon dismissal her class had their end of the year party. What a great bunch of kids this year. They are all so respectful and show it in the way they interact as a class. Just a sweet bunch of kids and one wonderful teacher!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother's Day

~Camden Hope 6 years old~

~Berkleigh Faith 2 years old~

Colorado Canyon Birthday Bash

Camden wanted her birthday at Colorado Canyon this year. There is miniature golf and an indoor game room. She has planned this since her first visit there in September 2008. She had a great group of kids from her class and just enjoyed the day with each of them.

Camden with one of her closest friends Ella.

Miss Angela made Camden's Hannah Montana cake for her. Camden thought this was so neat and it made her feel special. It was Delicious!

And...I think Camden's Favorite guest of all was Mrs. Baden. She was the hit of the party with all of her classmates!

Camden Hope Sutherland is 6 years old!

WOW,Camden! Daddy and I can't believe that you are already 6 years old. I remember just like it was yesterday bringing you home from the hospital and how little you were. My first little girl. You have grown into such an awesome Godly girl. We are so very proud of you! Here is what is going on with you these days:

You have a very sweet spirit. You are always thinking of others. You have become more outgoing this year and I notice your shyness a lot less. You have made many new friends and cherish each of them. Especially those back home in Florida that you have been raised around.

You are very into Hannah Montana right now as well as cheer leading, dancing, tumbling, and singing. You love to ride your scooter and play tee ball outside.

You are a wonderful Big sister and show your love very openly with Berkleigh. I love to watch you two play together and how you always take on a mothering role.

You do excellent in school and have accomplished so much this year in Kindergarten. You are now reading and love the "Dick and Jane" books. You also enjoy writing stories all by yourself.

You amaze Daddy and I with your love and knowledge of the Lord. You make sure you say blessing, even when we are out with others, and love to say the night time prayers. We pray that this relationship with Jesus will continue to flourish and guide your path all the days of your life.

We love you Camden Hope and are so very proud of you! <3 Daddy, Mamma & Berkleigh Faith

Berkleighs Birthday in Houston~Galveston

For Berkleigh's 2nd Birthday we took a trip over to Galveston Island and Houston for the weekend. We went to Schlitterbaum water park on Saturday. It was a horribly rainy day outside, but the water park area we were visiting was indoors and heated. We had a blast!Berkleigh's favorite was the frog slide. She loved sliding down his tongue. We spent the entire day there and then headed to our hotel in Houston that night. We ordered in and watched Hotel for Dogs that night. So relaxing.

On Sunday we visited Katy Mall and ate at the Rain Forest Cafe', One of Berkleigh's favs. She was so excited to walk daddy through the Cafe' and explain everything. Then we hit up the Rock wall and Carousel. Camden received a "gold medal" for making it to the top of the rock wall and ringing the bell. Way to go! Then of course we needed to celebrate with some ice cream. On our way out Berkleigh just had to go to Bass Pro??? Well, that's at least what Daddy said. Although she does enjoy sitting in the boats, riding the ATV's and seeing the fish. What a wonderful time together celebrating Berkleigh's birthday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Berkleigh Faith Sutherland is Two

Berkleigh Faith~
I can not even believe that you are already 2 years old. You are so special. You are my baby girl. You bring such joy to our lives and we love you so very much . Here is what you re up too:

You are talking in sentences and some of your favorite quotes are: Why not?, No fair!, No ma'am sissy!, Not nice!,(Can you tell we have an older sister?) I spy with my eye sum ting blue! BUT the topper of them all is "Mama~I hunry!" for when you are hungry. You little thing! You follow me around the house and must tell me this at least 30-40 times during the day. You even will tell me you are hungry when your mouth is full of food. You are weighing in at 22lbs!

You love to sing, especially "Hanna Tanna" (Hannah Montana) and dance around the house every where.

You adore Camden and want to do everything she does. You call her either Sissy or "Canden"

You have a sweet heart and love to share, as long as there is one for you too!

You are a social butterfly and don't meet a stranger. You wave at everyone.

You love to get dressed by yourself "me do!" "I did it!" And LOVE accessories! Sunglasses, bows, necklaces, purses, you name it. Especially shoes!

You are hilarious and know it! You will even put your hand over your mouth when you are laughing and a lot of the time you are belly laughing at your self and momma doesn't even know what about! It is funny!

You love your blankie and take it every where.

You are 2, Berkleigh Faith, and Daddy, Momma and Camden Hope love their Big girl so very much!

Friends, Food and Hannah Montana?

The Hannah Montana Movie came out the Friday before Easter and it was a great evening. We planned a girl's night out with the girls in Camden's class and their mothers. We all met at Joe's Crab shack before the movie for some great dinner and fellowship. The girls had a blast!

Then we all headed out to the theater. It was a wonderful movie with a great soundtrack. Yes, we have that too! I think it is a night all the girls enjoyed and will remember! I am so happy I was able to share the evening with such a great group of Mom's and girls!

Easter 2009

We love Easter around our house! It is such a refreshing holiday! So awesome to know that our Lord and Savior is Alive! This Easter was no different. The girls got up early and found their baskets. Every year they get a new swim suit in their basket and they were so bummed when I made them take them off to get dressed for church.

Daddy was Jesus this year again in an outdoor presentation. It was so amazing. The "play" is called The Last Days. The entire performance is out in a vacant field. It starts of with a large gate where soldiers are standing . They stop you and ask what your business is in the town today. Once answering them we go through the gate to be greeted by palm frawns and everyone shouting Hosanna. Then you continue to walk along the path and you see children playing, livestock all around, a market with people working, etc. There are several people who stop you along the way to share their story. (I even learned how they make Olive Oil from 2 ladies) Then as you continue on you stop to listen to a man telling of the evening Judas betrayed Jesus, then you follow him over to the scene with Pilate and Jesus. It is amazing because all of a sudden you are in the crowd of people shouting crucify him and it really checks your heart. We followed it through all the way to the crucifixion and then a small movie clip in a tent that opens up the opportunity for those to come forward for salvation. It was AWESOME! Dax did such a wonderful job portraying Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for giving your life so that we can have ours!

~Spring time Visitors~

What a surprise! Emily and Quincy were headed home to Michigan from their vacation in Florida and decided to stop here in Texas. (I know quite the detour.) Although they were here to visit Davy, we took full advantage of seeing them. Mama hasn't seen Emily in over 10 years. So great to catch up! Quincy James is the same age as Camden and they had a blast playing together. Can't wait to visit again.

Sa-Sa came to spend her Spring Break with us all the was from Ohio! It was so great to catch up and have this time with her. While she was here we went shopping,spent one evening at the Texas State Fair, went to a Rodeo, went to an outdoor Easter play, saw Hannah Montana the movie and just had a great time. The girls enjoyed having Sa-Sa here for the week and I did too!

Aunt Lulu and Dawn came for a quick visit from Tennessee. It was so great to see them. They would visit us every year in Florida so it meant so much when they came all the was to Texas this year. Our big trip with them was to the Houston Space Center. It was a great day! There is always good eating when Aunt Lulu and Dawn come to town. We had our night of seafood and breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Yum!

We have been so blessed with all the great friends and family that have visited in our first year here!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainforest Cafe'

Camden, Berkleigh, Shelly and I took a day during Camden's Spring Break to visit Houston. No real plans, but we decided to drive along Crystal Beach and take the Ferry over to Galveston Island. This was the first time me and the girls have ever been on a Ferry~with our car! We got out and watched as we coasted across the water. It was so windy and the seagulls were everywhere! Once we got over into Galveston we headed up to Houston for a lunch at the Rainforest Cafe'. What a great experience. Berkleigh was hilarious. Her eyes were huge the entire time we were there. Listening to all the animal sounds and thunderstorms. There was also some great tropical music on that she loved dancing to. Needless to say there was not a whole lot of eating at the Cafe' that day for Miss Berkleigh. Camden Hope's favorite part of the Cafe' was the gift shop and the stools of all different types of legs. What a great day!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Hair Do

Today is the first day of Spring Break and Camden has been asking since summer time to get her hair cut up to her shoulder. I have been trying to hold off until summer time, but her hair was getting so long. So I scheduled a haircut this morning and didn't tell Miss Camden.We drove and did some errands and then ended up at N'Coles Salon. Camden had no clue. Right before we walked in I told we were getting her haircut off and she was elated. Her hair turned out so great. She loves her new haircut and of course I am now the bestest mommy ever!


Camden Hope and Berkleigh Faith are so amazing. They are growing like weeds and just are the light of our lives. I love to just sit back and watch them interact with each other. How they can be so caring and loving to one another. Oh~yes we do have our not so loving moments, but that's part of being a sister. When it comes right down to it. They love each other and take care of each other. Camden is very quick to comfort Berkleigh when she gets hurt or upset. She will grab her blankie and tell her to come on over to sissy and let me hold you. Too precious. Now Miss Berkleigh has the best manners ever and she is all about sharing. If Berkleigh gets something, she immediately asks for one for sissy. When I give her her vitamin in the morning she always asks for sissy's and then won't eat hers until sissy does. I love it.I love watching them make each other laugh. I love that the girls have each other.

Bucky Butterfly

A few weekends ago Camden brought home one of her classroom friends. Bucky Butterfly has been spending weekends with children in Mrs. Baden's class since 1995. He even comes with his own book that has a story about every one's special time with Bucky. It was so fun to look back on the last 14 years and see all the fun stuff Bucky has done.

Here is Camden's weekend story with Bucky:

My Weekend with Camden Hope Sutherland
~By Bucky Butterfly~
February 20~22, 2009

What a wonderful weekend with Camden. I had a great time relaxing and spending time with her family. Friday is pizza night at the Sutherland’s. Camden and I shared 2 pieces of cheese pizza. That is her favorite. Then a nice evening of riding bikes and playing with her little sister Berkleigh Faith.
I slept with Camden in her cozy bed.
I loved her pink sheets and polka dots on the wall.

Saturday we woke up early for some breakfast and then it was time to get ready. First we drove to the Art Museum where they were having a special day for kids. We even ran into Ella and Corinne from our class. Anna from Mrs. Jones class was there too!
Camden made a necklace, newspaper hat, Mardi Gras mask and picture frame. My absolute favorite part of the museum was when we all got to watch the African dancers. What fun. We even got a picture with our friends!

We then went to Cracker Barrel to eat with Camden’s friends who were visiting all the way from Florida. That is where Camden is from. We had a cheeseburger with no pickles. Just the way I like it! After a game of checkers and sitting in the rocking chairs, we headed home for some “quiet time” and then when Camden’s daddy got home we played outside. Camden rode her scooter with me while her little sister rode her tricycle. Wwwweeeeee!

Sunday morning we got up and ready for church. It was a chilly morning, but Camden kept me nice and warm in her purse. We had fun singing, making a craft, eating snack and hearing a Bible story about a lost son.
Sunday’s at the Sutherland’s are very relaxing. No plans to go out anywhere. We all ate lunch together after church and then
Camden and I played with her Littlest Pet Shop.

What a great weekend. Wonder where I will go next weekend? Can’t wait!

~Hugs and Love~
Bucky Butterfly

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here are 2 videos of Camden at her school pep rally's. She enjoys herself so very much and I am proud of her for her dedication to practice each week! What a fun time! Go VIKINGS!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Brother....My Friend

Richard Edson Lawrence Jr

~You are forever in our hearts. We miss you Rick~