Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Berkleigh Faith Sutherland is Two

Berkleigh Faith~
I can not even believe that you are already 2 years old. You are so special. You are my baby girl. You bring such joy to our lives and we love you so very much . Here is what you re up too:

You are talking in sentences and some of your favorite quotes are: Why not?, No fair!, No ma'am sissy!, Not nice!,(Can you tell we have an older sister?) I spy with my eye sum ting blue! BUT the topper of them all is "Mama~I hunry!" for when you are hungry. You little thing! You follow me around the house and must tell me this at least 30-40 times during the day. You even will tell me you are hungry when your mouth is full of food. You are weighing in at 22lbs!

You love to sing, especially "Hanna Tanna" (Hannah Montana) and dance around the house every where.

You adore Camden and want to do everything she does. You call her either Sissy or "Canden"

You have a sweet heart and love to share, as long as there is one for you too!

You are a social butterfly and don't meet a stranger. You wave at everyone.

You love to get dressed by yourself "me do!" "I did it!" And LOVE accessories! Sunglasses, bows, necklaces, purses, you name it. Especially shoes!

You are hilarious and know it! You will even put your hand over your mouth when you are laughing and a lot of the time you are belly laughing at your self and momma doesn't even know what about! It is funny!

You love your blankie and take it every where.

You are 2, Berkleigh Faith, and Daddy, Momma and Camden Hope love their Big girl so very much!


  1. Oh my chickens!!!!! Ainsley says "I hunry" 80,000x/day, too! So funny that they both do this!!!!! Luv it! Can't wait for July! :)

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