Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We miss you Chloe .....

It's been 2 weeks today since we laid our Chloe down. One of the hardest things we have ever had to do. Chloe was an amazing dog. She was born on march 9th, 1994. Dax and I received Chloe when she was 5 years old from a girl in my nursing school. She was our first "baby"

Here's Chloe and me in our younger years. She was such a blessing to Dax and I. She was amazing with our girls and just loved everyone. This day was very hard for each of us. A definate learning time for Camden. She too was very upset. Camden and Berkleigh only new life with Chloe.

We spent the afternoon with our Chloe, or "dog dog" as Berkleigh calls her. We whipped up a steak just for her liking and there were lots of hugs and tears.
Berkleigh took her time with Chloe and brushed her so she would look beautiful when she ran up to Jesus.
Chloe Sampson Honey Bethany~ You are missed so much by all of us and we love you. Camden prayes each night that you are happy in heaven with Jesus. Berkleigh daily says "Dog dog, happy" because she knows that are very happy in your new home.

It was said best by your buddy Camden Hope, as she kissed your nose for the last time and said, " Chlo Chlo, you are such a good dog and I love you"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Potty Boot Camp

Berkleigh is Potty Training!Woo Hoo! She started what I like to call Potty Boot Camp 1 week ago today. There is only 1 rule @ Potty Boot Camp: NO DIAPERS!***Disclaimer: only at nap time and bedtime*** This rule is for me, not her. It makes me stick to it with complete devotion. She is doing wonderful. A couple accidents here and there. As you can see she takes this very serious. Deep in thought here. Probably watching her Once upon a Potty DVD.
So.. We watch/listen to the Potty Potty song atleast 10 times per day.It is an absolute Hoot! Great little diddy to get stuck in your head. Totally recommend it for those potty training.

Berkleigh's independance is shining through these days. I believe her favorite quote is "ME DO IT!" Yep that's it, I hear all day long.(Wouldn't trade it for the world)So needless to say there are just some things that momma needs to help with and Berkleigh refuses!

LOL! I love that little bum! Great job Berkleigh! Daddy, Momma and Sissy are so proud of you!

Berkleigh's first piggies

Berkleigh and her first set of Piggie tails! Too cute I must say. I couldn't get a cute photos from the front, but here they are. There is just something about a little girl and her pig tails.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Serene Sunday.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~A History Making Day~

Today is a day that will forever be remembered in history. Camden came home today and told me that she watched as "Morocca Bama" gave his speech and became President. I am happy that her teacher allowed them to watch and chose this as a learning experience.

No matter who you voted for, I hope that you with pray for our President. I pray that God will show himself over the next 4 years. I pray he will guide President Obama's choices in leading this country. Most of all..... I pray for God's mercy and grace for our country!

God Bless America!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Tea Party

Camden was invited to a Tea Party during her Christmas break. It was a wonderful time.

The Tea party was at Mallory's house and her mother, Jennifer, did a wonderful job. The girls sipped their sparkling apple cider tea (with gum drops for sugar cubes) at the formal dining hall. It was beautifully decorated with finest Snowman china and the jingle bell napkins! Only the best for our girls. They ate their tea and crumpets (tea cup shaped sandwiches, chocolate filled croissants) and then retired upstairs for a time of play in Miss Mallory's bedroom. Simply delightful! (LOL)

I also enjoyed a wonderful spread of food and plenty of socializing. Camden and I are so very happy for the great friends we have both made here at All Saints. Merry Christmas.

Visit to the Christmas Tree Farm

Camden's class went on a field trip to K&K Christmas Tree Farm. All 3 of the kindergarten classes loaded up on a charter bus. Camden thought this was the best thing ever. "There were even televisions in there,Momma!" We were greeted by the owner who went over the rules and then sang Christmas carols with the kids.We were divided in 2 groups and off we went.

Our group started on the Hay ride. We rode all over. Over the river and through the woods. Literally. We stopped to see a beaver dam, drove through hundreds of Christmas tress and just enjoyed the windy day God blessed us with.

After our ride, we were dropped off and headed out to a Christmas tree field where we decorated a tree! What fun! Then the kids picked out a tree to cut down and take back to their class! Camden picked out her class tree. A nice man chopped it down and then the entire class pitched in and walked it back to the trailer together!

It was a great day! We all ate lunch at the picnic tables, took a walk out near the cows and just had a wonderful day at the tree farm.