Monday, January 26, 2009

Potty Boot Camp

Berkleigh is Potty Training!Woo Hoo! She started what I like to call Potty Boot Camp 1 week ago today. There is only 1 rule @ Potty Boot Camp: NO DIAPERS!***Disclaimer: only at nap time and bedtime*** This rule is for me, not her. It makes me stick to it with complete devotion. She is doing wonderful. A couple accidents here and there. As you can see she takes this very serious. Deep in thought here. Probably watching her Once upon a Potty DVD.
So.. We watch/listen to the Potty Potty song atleast 10 times per day.It is an absolute Hoot! Great little diddy to get stuck in your head. Totally recommend it for those potty training.

Berkleigh's independance is shining through these days. I believe her favorite quote is "ME DO IT!" Yep that's it, I hear all day long.(Wouldn't trade it for the world)So needless to say there are just some things that momma needs to help with and Berkleigh refuses!

LOL! I love that little bum! Great job Berkleigh! Daddy, Momma and Sissy are so proud of you!

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