Friday, January 2, 2009

Visit to the Christmas Tree Farm

Camden's class went on a field trip to K&K Christmas Tree Farm. All 3 of the kindergarten classes loaded up on a charter bus. Camden thought this was the best thing ever. "There were even televisions in there,Momma!" We were greeted by the owner who went over the rules and then sang Christmas carols with the kids.We were divided in 2 groups and off we went.

Our group started on the Hay ride. We rode all over. Over the river and through the woods. Literally. We stopped to see a beaver dam, drove through hundreds of Christmas tress and just enjoyed the windy day God blessed us with.

After our ride, we were dropped off and headed out to a Christmas tree field where we decorated a tree! What fun! Then the kids picked out a tree to cut down and take back to their class! Camden picked out her class tree. A nice man chopped it down and then the entire class pitched in and walked it back to the trailer together!

It was a great day! We all ate lunch at the picnic tables, took a walk out near the cows and just had a wonderful day at the tree farm.

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