Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Today was Camden's first day of Kindergarten. Camden hopped right out of bed this morning excited about her first day. Too excited to even eat breakfast. She was ready in no time. She has uniforms this year and she looked beautiful as ever. Mrs. Chastity arrived bright and early to watch sissy while mommy took Camden to school. We grabbed her back pack, lunch and and orange juice for the road. (She will have a snack at 9:30am each morning)

We arrived to a room full of new friends. Lots of excitement. Maybe a bit too much for Miss Camden. She was greeted by Mrs. Badan and she was shown her cubby. She found a seat next to a sweet little girl named Ella. Then... the tears began to flow. Yes, Camden and Mommy's. Then some hugs and love. I think we recovered quite well:0)

Mrs. Baden then called everyone over for circle time and explained what to expect for the day, rules and then reviewed the date, day of the week, etc. Camden was doing great!

8:30 am- Time for chapel. Off Mrs. Baden's class went, each holding their mat in hand to sit on in Chapel. They sang "Our God is an Awesome God", listened to the story of the lost lamb (told by a lamb), recited the Lord's prayer and ended on "Jesus loves me". What and awesome time to share with Camden on her first day.

On our way back to the room Camden asked"Are you leaving now?" I told her "Yes , once we got back to the room and comfortable" She smiled," Alrighty!" That was when I knew she was ready. I slipped out right after everyone returned to circle time in the room.

I left a part of me in Kindergarten today. It was so exciting watching her explore a new time in her life. But, my baby......So BIG....

Daddy, Berkleigh and I picked Camden up promptly at 3:15. A small girl in her class immediately came up to me and said," Me and her made friends today. We got to know each other. My name is Ella." Camden's smile said it all! She has a new friend and that's all she needed! Kindergarten is great!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

~Chuck E. Cheese~

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Summer time fun!

We have been quite busy lately. Well... with summer fun ya know! Between McDonald play lands, Chuck E Cheese, Elijah's birthday party, and swimming.

Camden went this am to meet her Kindergarten teacher. Her name is Mrs. Baden and she is wonderful. Camden is quite excited, but a little hesitant about meeting all new friends. She is going to do wonderful though. Chastity is going to watch Berkleigh for the first day of school so I can take my time dropping Camden off. She's very happy about this.

Berkleigh is just amazing! She is surprising me daily with everything. She is such a ham and loves the camera. When we come in from outside she immediately takes off her shoes and takes them to her room and puts them away. Who's child is this???? She loves walking Chloe and will throw a fit if she is not holding the leash. So funny.

Dax and I are doing wonderful. We have found a church here we like. Camden went in Children's church this last week by herself and did wonderful. I asked what she learned and she said" They learned about Moses yesterday (last week) but we did it again today because they must not have got it." HA!

Any who....we are all doing wonderful and miss everyone!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We have had a blast this summer. The girls have grown up so much. Camden is just beautiful. She is my little diva. She has a smile that just brightens a room, a laugh that is catching and a heart that is as sweet as can be. Berkleigh Boo is my baby, but growing soooo fast. She is a silly little thing and she thinks so too. She loves to climb, walk the doggy and anything Sissy is doing at the moment.

We have had many changes this summer. All for the good I believe. Eleanor Roosevelt once said...."People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." I guess you could say we are working on our character. The girls are changing daily, we have moved homes, churches, states, schools and jobs. The awesome thing is that we have the same friends, just some space between us. We will continue to enjoy our summer and everyday that God has blessed us with.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Berkleigh walking the dog

Berkleigh Faith loves to walk Chloe'. Everyday when daddy gets home she runs and gets Chloe's leash and tries to put it on Chloe'. Then she gets daddy's shoes and sits and waits for her shoes to be put on. Today she topped her outfit off with a hat and she is ready! Every single time we leave the house she wants to take Chloe with us. She wonders why she can't. Berkleigh will throw a royal fit if she is not the one holding the leash! It is so funny.