Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer time fun!

We have been quite busy lately. Well... with summer fun ya know! Between McDonald play lands, Chuck E Cheese, Elijah's birthday party, and swimming.

Camden went this am to meet her Kindergarten teacher. Her name is Mrs. Baden and she is wonderful. Camden is quite excited, but a little hesitant about meeting all new friends. She is going to do wonderful though. Chastity is going to watch Berkleigh for the first day of school so I can take my time dropping Camden off. She's very happy about this.

Berkleigh is just amazing! She is surprising me daily with everything. She is such a ham and loves the camera. When we come in from outside she immediately takes off her shoes and takes them to her room and puts them away. Who's child is this???? She loves walking Chloe and will throw a fit if she is not holding the leash. So funny.

Dax and I are doing wonderful. We have found a church here we like. Camden went in Children's church this last week by herself and did wonderful. I asked what she learned and she said" They learned about Moses yesterday (last week) but we did it again today because they must not have got it." HA!

Any who....we are all doing wonderful and miss everyone!

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