Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camden Hope Sutherland is 6 years old!

WOW,Camden! Daddy and I can't believe that you are already 6 years old. I remember just like it was yesterday bringing you home from the hospital and how little you were. My first little girl. You have grown into such an awesome Godly girl. We are so very proud of you! Here is what is going on with you these days:

You have a very sweet spirit. You are always thinking of others. You have become more outgoing this year and I notice your shyness a lot less. You have made many new friends and cherish each of them. Especially those back home in Florida that you have been raised around.

You are very into Hannah Montana right now as well as cheer leading, dancing, tumbling, and singing. You love to ride your scooter and play tee ball outside.

You are a wonderful Big sister and show your love very openly with Berkleigh. I love to watch you two play together and how you always take on a mothering role.

You do excellent in school and have accomplished so much this year in Kindergarten. You are now reading and love the "Dick and Jane" books. You also enjoy writing stories all by yourself.

You amaze Daddy and I with your love and knowledge of the Lord. You make sure you say blessing, even when we are out with others, and love to say the night time prayers. We pray that this relationship with Jesus will continue to flourish and guide your path all the days of your life.

We love you Camden Hope and are so very proud of you! <3 Daddy, Mamma & Berkleigh Faith

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