Monday, March 9, 2009


Camden Hope and Berkleigh Faith are so amazing. They are growing like weeds and just are the light of our lives. I love to just sit back and watch them interact with each other. How they can be so caring and loving to one another. Oh~yes we do have our not so loving moments, but that's part of being a sister. When it comes right down to it. They love each other and take care of each other. Camden is very quick to comfort Berkleigh when she gets hurt or upset. She will grab her blankie and tell her to come on over to sissy and let me hold you. Too precious. Now Miss Berkleigh has the best manners ever and she is all about sharing. If Berkleigh gets something, she immediately asks for one for sissy. When I give her her vitamin in the morning she always asks for sissy's and then won't eat hers until sissy does. I love it.I love watching them make each other laugh. I love that the girls have each other.

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  1. hi there, it's lauren from "domestic diva", your girls are absolutely adorable! i just wanted to let you know that i do sell everything i make, if you are really interested in the capri set. my email is on my blogsite. thanks so much!