Monday, March 9, 2009

Bucky Butterfly

A few weekends ago Camden brought home one of her classroom friends. Bucky Butterfly has been spending weekends with children in Mrs. Baden's class since 1995. He even comes with his own book that has a story about every one's special time with Bucky. It was so fun to look back on the last 14 years and see all the fun stuff Bucky has done.

Here is Camden's weekend story with Bucky:

My Weekend with Camden Hope Sutherland
~By Bucky Butterfly~
February 20~22, 2009

What a wonderful weekend with Camden. I had a great time relaxing and spending time with her family. Friday is pizza night at the Sutherland’s. Camden and I shared 2 pieces of cheese pizza. That is her favorite. Then a nice evening of riding bikes and playing with her little sister Berkleigh Faith.
I slept with Camden in her cozy bed.
I loved her pink sheets and polka dots on the wall.

Saturday we woke up early for some breakfast and then it was time to get ready. First we drove to the Art Museum where they were having a special day for kids. We even ran into Ella and Corinne from our class. Anna from Mrs. Jones class was there too!
Camden made a necklace, newspaper hat, Mardi Gras mask and picture frame. My absolute favorite part of the museum was when we all got to watch the African dancers. What fun. We even got a picture with our friends!

We then went to Cracker Barrel to eat with Camden’s friends who were visiting all the way from Florida. That is where Camden is from. We had a cheeseburger with no pickles. Just the way I like it! After a game of checkers and sitting in the rocking chairs, we headed home for some “quiet time” and then when Camden’s daddy got home we played outside. Camden rode her scooter with me while her little sister rode her tricycle. Wwwweeeeee!

Sunday morning we got up and ready for church. It was a chilly morning, but Camden kept me nice and warm in her purse. We had fun singing, making a craft, eating snack and hearing a Bible story about a lost son.
Sunday’s at the Sutherland’s are very relaxing. No plans to go out anywhere. We all ate lunch together after church and then
Camden and I played with her Littlest Pet Shop.

What a great weekend. Wonder where I will go next weekend? Can’t wait!

~Hugs and Love~
Bucky Butterfly

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