Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hurricanes, Hurricanes GO AWAY!

Well, sorry for the delay in updates. The tropics have kept us busy! It all started with Hurricane Gustav. Beaumont was under mandatory evacuation and we headed to Dallas for 2 nights. All was fine and well when we returned home. I don't think it even rained here. Then along came Hurricane Ike! YIKES!And off we go again. Yes 2 mandatory evacuations in 2 weeks. Didn't we move from hurricane alley? Back to Dallas. We have a hotel there we like and they are getting to know us and Chloe there!

Not the vacation we had planned, but the girls were having a blast. We were in downtown Dallas which I would have to say is not the most kid friendliest area. No parks or playgrounds. So the girls improvised. They has a blast standing in front of the air conditioning and letting their hair blow around. We did go to the pool one day that was freezing, but Camden and Isaiah spent about 1 1/2 hours playing. Berkleigh and Daddy slept. Lots of walks outside with Chloe, rides on the luggage carts, running up and down stairs, riding the elevators, etc.

Once Ike roared through the Texas coast we found out our apartment was in good condition with no flooding, but that we could be weeks to greater than a month without electric. Dax wasn't going to work for at least 1 week so off to Florida we went. It was an insane drive from Dallas 20 hours. The girls were over it, though I must say they did quite well.

Back in Lehigh... it was a bitter sweet. Our home and comfort were back in Texas, but our friends and love ones were there. We had a blast. Catching up with friends and lots of play dates for Camden and Berkleigh. We stayed with the Bratcher family which were so hospitable! Thanks! We didn't make it around to nearly everyone, but decided we will visit again soon! Spring Break 09'

Our drive back home was not nearly as long and we arrived home Sunday afternoon. Our town suffered some damage, mostly tree loss. We were spared and Thank the Lord for that! Just trying to get back to our schedules. Camden goes back to school on Thursday. Poor thing has only been in class 11 days since her first day because of all the evacuations. Berkleigh is happy to be back home in her bed. She is cutting her lower eye teeth so sleeping is not 100%.

The Sutherland are happy to be home! We are officially calling hurricane season over! LOL!

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