Tuesday, November 18, 2008

October 31st~

Yes October 31st was 3 weeks ago and I am just now posting some photos. Slacker mom .

Camden and Berkleigh were absolutely beautiful for Halloween. Camden Hope was Cinderella and Berkleigh Faith was Snow White. Camden had a party and "parade" at school in the afternoon. The girls were all dressed and hyped up on party cupcakes.

That evening we went to a local church for a fall festival. It was wonderful. Everyone was so pleasant, the games and stuff were indoors and there was even a hay ride.

My only disappointment for the evening was the pre festival photo shoot. Berkleigh, I mean Snow White, was in all of her glory and refused photos. Screaming, crying and at one point she chucked her crown on the ground. I just had to laugh and then take pictures of her. There WILL be pictures! Camden's photos were much easier, but probably not nearly as funny.

The girls were gorgeous and we had a great time. Camden told me that her favorite part of the evening was not the candy or the hay ride or all the fun games. Her favorite part was when we took 5 mins and drove to her teacher's house, Mrs. Baden, so she could "trick or treat" there. I love that she savors the little things in life:0)

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