Monday, November 24, 2008

Is that a TERD in your hand?????? we were getting ready this morning. Camden was busy getting into her uniform and I was running back and forth between getting my self ready (brush teeth, wash face, makeup, jeans, t-shirt and ball cap) and dressing Berkleigh Boo. Had to go get a tire changed today! (Waste of a morning)

SIDE NOTE~ (Spider webbing as my friend Michelle would say)

Now Camden Hope was completely potty trained by 21 months old and Berkleigh has been very aware of her diaper actions. She will just out of no where give you this big surprised smile and say,"MUM, MUM, Pee Pee!" or "poot, poot" She has recently asked to sit on the potty. This is where she sits with her proud posture and just babbles at you because she has your complete attention. Then she gets her 5 1/2 feet worth of TP to wipe and flushes the potty a mere 4 times. All for no Pee Pee or POOT!

This morning I got Berkleigh changed and out of her PJ's. Her clothes were to come next, but she was busy dancing to the Doodle Bops, so I snuck off to finish getting ready. When I came out she was hollering with such pride," Mum..Mum.... I Pee Pee"

OH MY! that a terd in your hand!!???! I froze! (No little terd either)Instincts kicked in.. I grabbed it... flushed it... and LOTS of antibacterial soap for Momma and Berkleigh!

Yep, I guess I am going to have to work on the difference between Pee Pee and Poots!

I love my life!


  1. Ok-so our days went about the same! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have read this more than once..and it is so hilarious..even my coworkers got a kick out of it!!