Tuesday, November 18, 2008


HAT!!! That is what we hear on a regular basis in the house now. Berkleigh is obsessed with hats. Now we still have to have a bow every morning when Sissy gets her hair done for school. Oh yes, we can't leave the house with out a bow to match our pajamas and bare feet!

Now that it is fall and the weather has been amazing, we are enjoying the outdoors. Whenever we are headed outside Berkleigh yells HAT! If it is time to take Chloe for a walk, HAT! While I am making dinner for no reason what so ever, HAT! You get the picture.

We were getting ready to pick up sissy and Berkleigh wanted a yogurt. Before I could even offer her to drink it on the patio,table or kitchen floor(yes. I'm one of those moms) She was sitting on the patio waiting for her yogurt. She was precious.She had her feet propped up on the railing, sitting on her stool, just looking out into our courtyard enjoying the view. I sat there watching her, wondering what was going through her little mind. Her little head with the HAT!~

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