Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

It was a beautiful fall evening tonight and we finally went and got our pumpkin. We love sharing this time as a family each year. We are making memories and loving every moment.

Camden had such fun picking out her pumpkin. She was looking for just the "perfect" one. After a good 25 mins Camden pointed to this bright orange pumpkin with warts all over it. I couldn't bring myself to purchase it and told Camden we needed a smooth one for carving. She smiles "okay" and moved right along looking for her pumpkin. As I watched her looking around I thought about her first pick for her "perfect" pumpkin. It made me thank God for her sweet spirit and how she didn't see that pumpkin as ugly or full of warts like I did.

Berkleigh had a wonderful time. Following Camden around the pumpkin patch. I am pretty sure she touched every pumpkin there. She would rub one, then pat another and sometimes try to pick them up. I guess it's kind of like picking out a good cantaloupe. You squeeze it, smell it, etc. Have to find just the right one.

Once the pumpkins were picked the girls took a seat. I mean..on their pumpkins. Camden's first year she sat on several pumpkins until she found hers.It was a riot! Now we take a photo every year with her sitting on her pumpkin. Berkleigh too!

“Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and notice what happens.”~Wayne Dyer (Even the pumpkins....)

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