Friday, October 17, 2008

Pep Rally~ GO VIKINGS!

Today was Camden's first Pep rally and it was Great! Her squad, Extra small stars, got to cheer with the "Big" Girls. They had a blast! I can't believe my five year old was dismissed early to get ready for pep rally. Don't we do this in high school?

It was wonderful. There was loud music, the older Cheerleaders dance and cheered, the volleyball team ran through a spirit poster, the teachers had a competition(3 legged race) and... more cheering.There was the school mascot...The Viking, dancing around the gym too. Berkleigh could have done fine without him. She was stuck to me like glue! So worried he was going to get too close. The 6th grade won the spirit stick for the loudest cheering. They deserve it! I was standing right in front of them and Goodness they screamed!

At the very end of all this spirit and cheering were the little girls. First the small stars cheered (2,3,4,5 grade) Then came my baby! Her team the Extra small stars cheered "2 Bits" She rocked! The entire gym jumped up to their feet after they cheered!How fun!She looks adorable in her uniform. I made her and her girl friends hair bows with their names. They think that they are too cool. Well.....I Do Too!

Berkleigh loves to cheer with sissy! She actually is pretty good! Momma made her an outfit too! She is a "Tiny Star". She loves to watch Camden at practice and Pep Rally. It's too funny when she mimics her! Yeah!!!!!!!


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