Tuesday, September 7, 2010

B's First Day of Preschool

Today B started Pre K 3. She is still at Wesley (where her MDO was last year), but now she is down the "big girl" hallway. She has been so excited for this day since sissy started 3 weeks ago and she has been hanging with momma all by herself. She picked out her outfit for today and of course had to have her new "twinkle toes" to wear as well.
When we arrived @ school Be headed right back into her routine. She found her cubby, and put her Dora back pack up. Then she was off to find her seat "The one with a B" She sat right down and started into her play dough. Then I got a big smile and "Love you Momma, be careful".

It is so nice to have a place where she feels comfortable and safe and has no problem with you leaving her. And yet it is so sad too! So easily she says See ya later Momma. I pray that she has a fabulous day and enjoys her time with her friends.

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