Thursday, April 28, 2011

Losing teeth and jokes....

Tonight Camden, you pulled out your 7th tooth..... I can handle just about anything, but not loose teeth. That is you and Daddy's job, but you were able to do it without his help tonight! So I guess 7 teeth......7 years old........Tooth # 8 must wait until after Saturday when you are 8! Seriously? Eight years old.....When did you get so big?

And once everyone was in bed and quiet, Berkleigh, you strolled out to the kitchen,
" need to go back to bed..."
" I have a joke Mommy"
"Well, your joke will have to wait until tomorrow."
"It is a fast joke.....Why did the toy cross the road?"
" I dunno Berkleigh, why did the toy cross the road?"
" Cuz he wanted to go see the chicken...."
Then of course you chuckle and slap your knee....
"Night Mommy"
Never to hear another noise from again.......

I love you girls!

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