Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping the Girl Scouts Way

Camden started Girl Scouts this past year and just loves it. This summer she was invited by another troop to go camping. So in late June, Six Mommas and seven girls headed out for our very first camping trip ever. We went to a GS campsite just north of Houston. Now we were not sure what our "camp" setting was going to be, but we were prepared with for the worst and hoping for...well....The Hyatt.

We arrived and soon found that we were hard core camping. Let me give a quick disclaimer. We were "housed" in a dorm that had running water and indoor bathrooms. And yes there was even electricity. So you say...Hard Core????? air conditioning for 2 days in South East Texas in JUNE......HARD CORE!

All in all......we had a great time. The girls went on hikes, sang camp songs, made a fire, ate smores, made crafts, swam and complained a fair amount. Good times I tell ya. The best part of the weekend though was just spending time with Camden. Not scheduled time or entertained time...just time...not sitting in front of a movie together time..... just her and board game, Wii or radio....It really made me think about how fast she is growing and how important these quiet times together are.
Camden is such a beautiful little girl inside and out. She has this amazingly sweet heart that is so considerate of others and the funniest sense of humor that no one hardly sees because of her meek and quiet spirit. She is respectful and enjoyable to be around. It is very humbling to think that God thinks enough of allow me to be her Momma. A responsibility this great is overwhelming at times, but very honoring. I just pray that I am raising her in his image and that she is seeing God in everything that I do. I love you Camden Hope and am so proud of who you are.

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  1. Love your site...saw you as follower on mine and came over.

    My Grandpa used to be the Girl Scout Ranger in Conroe...if this is where you went. I think there were actually 3 camps all in a row and he was over 2 of them.

    I loved going to his house...he had a deep freezer that was stocked with Girl Scout Cookies...year round! Too fun!

    Blessings to you,
    lana @ ilovemy5kids