Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is one of my fav "little" holidays. I am very Irish and my favorite color is green....well there you go :)

So that means.....dressing the girls in their green {{Camden just gets a hair bow, but pinching going on here}} and anywhere else I can fit in some green.

I threw together these cute little goodies for the girls teachers. I saw this on another blog....can't recall which one.....but how cute? Fast and easy.

They read~ YOU'RE MY POT O' GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW.....Some rainbow twizzlers and gold coins in a bag and a cute print out for the top....LOVE IT!

And for the girls lunches..... I picked up these cute tins..tied some "green" ribbon....okay, pink too, but just because I love green and pink together and to keep it girly.....

And then filled it with all things green....

There are bologna sandwiches with "green" mayo and cut into the shape of a clover...cucumbers slices to be dipped in the "green" ranch dressing, green grapes, green skittles and a Capri Sun with some green felt around it.

And....because we love a good laugh around here...I hid some jokes through out the lunch that were St. Patrick's Day related.

LOVE these....I also love Laffy taffy bare with me:)

Here are the answers....
You don't want to press your luck
A Rainbow


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  1. This is so cute Deanna. You are so creative and put so much love and thought into everything you do. Thank you for sharing!