Tuesday, March 29, 2011


C started soccer practice last week and had her 2nd practice tonight and she is doing AWESOME!!! I am so proud of her. This is her first organized sport and really....first any sport. She has such a sweet spirit and I love that about her, but that is not the competitive edge her daddy tells me she needs to have on the field. Dax is very competitive and I "play to have fun"...therefore Dax always offers me up to the other team when we go out bowling. HA!
Tonight C scored a goal and all while a team mate, a tall one I might add,was neck and neck with her. She got right in there and wasn't afraid of the ball or getting kicked....all while keeping her sweet spirit and great sportsmanship... I think this is my prayer for her life. I want her face this life with no fear and experience it with a smile and with the Godly spirit and compassion he has rooted in her. I think we are going to like soccer :)

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