Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Berkleigh's First Day of Pre K 4

Today was your first day of Pre K 4
You were so excited.
We went school shopping last week
and you picked out this Hello Kitty Outfit
for your first day.

You are going to Wesley again this year.
Abbi and Marley are in your class again .
You have had them in your class for the last 2 years.
Your teacher this year is Mrs. Lisa.
You have 15 kids in your class.
You love to play with play dough.
Some of your other favorite things at school are
Computer, Science and Spanish.
You can already count to 20 and know all your colors in Spanish.
can't wait to see what you learn this year.

You are 4 years old
You 38 1/2 inches tall and weigh 29 lbs.
You can write your name and know all of your letters, colors and shapes.
You are starting to sound out words and love to read books
Your favorite colors are pink, purple, blue and green.
You love to play dress up and pretend with your sister.
You are hilarious. You are constantly making all of us laugh.
You have a beautiful smile that lights up any room.
You find Joy in everything and love everyone.
You LOVE to dance and have some crazy moves.

I would say your best friend is Camden.
You mimic her every move and want to do everything just like her.
You love to play with her and miss her when she is at school.
You are always thinking about her and it shows.
You are a new BIG sister this year.
You love to talk to Micah and
when he is crying you try so very hard to make him happy.
You never forget to kiss him good bye and you always include him.
You call him Micah Moo.

I can't believe this is your last year in Preschool.
Although you are a peanut, you are getting so big!
We love you Berkleigh Faith

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