Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Today was a wonderful day. We all slept in a bit and just lounged around for the nice to just sit and chat and enjoy each other.

Camden is still not feeling fabulous and has a cough that is driving her and everyone in the house crazy. Running fevers still too. We are going to load her up with some Motrin and hope she feels up to some fireworks later.

Later in the afternoon we headed up to our church for the Fourth of July Cook out and games. We all snagged a bite to eat, the girls played some carnival games, jumped in the bounce house and even took some time to participate in the watermelon seed spitting contest. When Berkleigh heard it announced she said," Momma, I want to play the seed spitting game, even if I don't win, I still want to play." So off we went:)

The girls shared a piece of watermelon and spit the best they knew how (Which wasn't very good, because Momma has taught them that girls do not spit)

Later we headed downtown to watch the fireworks. We took our chairs and blanket. I got the girls the glow in the dark bracelets...everyone was decked out in their fourth of July attire.

This was Micah's first 4th of July and we weren't sure what he was going to think. Camden's first 4th was spent with her sleeping in the beach condo and us watching through the window. Then Berkleigh slept through her first 4th....and Micah...well, he loved it. He sat on Daddy's lap for about 3-4 mins and just stared. And then he was done and wanted to crawl around and eat dirt. He is ALL boy!

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