Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain

It has been raining here for the last week straight...
Those kind of nights when you get woke up by thunder @ 2am.
Leads to great sleep and naps,
but after 5 days of it.....

Camden is back to her old self and feeling so much better
with a little bit of a lingering cough.

Tomorrow starts the countdown until Micah Moos birthday party.
We are having in the FLC building @ our church (Gymnasium)
Come baby #3, I was fine with a little home party, but my mommy guilt got the best of me.
Camden hope had a Luau for her first birthday and Berkleigh Faith had
a house full of guests at her princess party.
I don't want Micah to look back at pics and wonder about his first birthday.
However, this momma is doing this party on a budget and I bet it is the best one yet...
Don't tell the girls I said that :)

We are going to rock his first birthday Circus style.....

Tonight was suppose to be date night with our church married couples group.
It was cancelled at last minute, so Dax,the kids and I went out to eat @ Fuzzy's.
We swung by Wal Mart on the way home to pick up a few party things for next week 
and let the girls pick out their gift for Micah.
As we were headed back to the house when we saw that 
Chick Fil A was having an outdoor concert.
Just so happens it was our favorite Nanny Tenisha singing 
with the group called Sun Standing Still...
Great time of cream and  dancing.
Everyone skipped baths, hopped in bed an hour past bed time...
Love an unplanned family fun night!

Here's a pic of my guys from last night! Daddy does bath time each night and
Micah LOVES to splash and soak Daddy.
Love me a clean little Moo!

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