Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our July so far.....

My dad went into the Dr's to have his blood pressure checked and found out that he most likely has Leukemia. He is scheduled this week to meet with an oncologist to discuss his results and have more testing done.Praying for a good word from the oncologist. Here is a picture of my mom and Dad with the kids on our trip to Florida this past Spring.
Today I took the girls rollerskating and met up with a few of their friends. Berkleigh usually skates with a "walker" and does pretty good, but she decided she was doing it on her own and she did fabulous. She owned the rink....She rocked it around like she was a pro...she is getting so big.Even blowed her first bubble this week with bubble gum.
Camden started not feeling very good while we were at the skating rink. I knew something was up when she wasn't skating and requested to lay down once we got home. She running a bit of a temp, but once Motrin is in she feels pretty good. Praying she feels better for tomorrows festivities. Tomorrow Dax is off of work and home all day with us to celebrate the 4th. LOVE when Daddy is home with us and we can all hang out together.

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