Sunday, July 8, 2012


Just a few updates on what is happening around our house.

My dad met with the oncologist and he had a Chronic slow growing Leukemia that is treatable. His Dr. is very confident that he can get my Dad into remission if not healed completely. Tomorrow morning my dad will have a PICC line put in and then he will start Chemo on Thursday. I am happy to hear he will be getting a PICC line because needles are far from my dad's favorite things,but with that being said....I know he is nervous about tomorrow.

The kids and I are going to mail out a package for him tomorrow. It will have 7 small "rewards" in it. When I explained that Papa was going to have to have 7 days of a really strong medication and it may make him not feel very good, they decided we needed to send him a "reward" for each day that he "took" his medicine. I thought it sounded off to the post office we will go.

Camden is still not feeling well, at one point today her fever was 103....what is kicking this girls bottom? She has been in PJ's for the last 4 days at least and just wants to lay around....and THAT COUGH. I feel so bad for her. We may have to visit the fabulous Dr. Brown tomorrow and see whats up. I did take her this past Thursday and she was negative for strep and we are thinking a virus, but almost 1 week of this is enough for me.

Berkleigh is fabulous as ever and my easy peasy. She has been bummed though with Camden not feeling well. She is so attached to her and wants her to play....LOVE my girls.

Mr Micah Moo is my busy guy. He has perfected crawling, thinks he is on a roller derby team when he is in his walker, and now is standing without support..WHAT???? Is her seriously going to be 1 this month? He is into everything and is such a joy. Although I am learning to adjust to the aggressiveness of a little boy, he is as sweet as can be all wrapped up into one. I heart my little man.
I think we may have a drummer on our hands! He LOVES to bang on the pots and pans.

He loves to play Wii with Sissy.
And you can't see it in this pictures, but Micah emptied his entire sippy cup on the floor and is have a great time splashing in it.
                                       What flowers? You mean this drawer wasn't for me?

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